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Many People Call it "Startup"

M. Nahrowi

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This is my journey, my Story How to "Hard" to Making the Ideas Happen !

A long time ago, late 2014s(?), I am writing my journey here, as a place to document any failed or successful dreams. Since a long time ago, I like to imagine and realize my imagination to be real, and some of it is below. Some failed and some successful. All are the result of my imagination, my dreams that I can finally see for myself, and perhaps others.

Just Never stop, make your dreams come true !


Most people feel embarrassed when they tell their failure. but in my opinion, the story of failure can be a learning for us and others. so we help others not to experience the same failure.

Indonesia is a country that is famous for the potential of ASEAN market, as evidenced by the spread of technology growing and developing in Indonesia. but unfortunately, Indonesia is a lot of users is not a maker of innovation, for that the role of young people as innovators are needed in this time. based on the results of research, the number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia is still very little to satisfy the state of innovation, for that we also want to participate as a child of the country who want to work and become a craftman.

#1. IoT (Internet of Things) : PIC-POP

PIC-POP ™, this is our final assignment during college, we take the microntroler, as a condition of our graduation. at that time of year 2014, IoT industry is not as busy now, we do not know what and used for what it is. when I and my colleague Husna aliyyus (Husna), we do field work practices in BMKG, we try to implement this IoT as an automatic tool for absentee reminder machine for employees with the help of proximity sensor. this system runs automatically and also utilizes the microcontroller as its brain.

Actually we want to continue this project for business needs, but because it has not known and also require proper packaging when it is used by the customer. for that we do not continue this project again. exactly in 2014.

Keyword : Microcontroller, IoT (Internet of Things), Censor, Arduino.

(Below Screencapture of Website PIC-POP.)

#2. Media Informations Campus : Warta IPB

The beginning of is a hobby, because I have instinct as a journalist, that is writing and documenting a story. That's when I graduated and I have not got a job yet. I see a lot of things that I can write, even that can help others. like this, many high school graduates from different cities do not know how to communicate, looking for a place to live when going to college at IPB. Well, because the IPB official website does not include anything that is unformal, for that I created a unformal media that can accommodate information that is not loaded on ipb site. what result? many prospective students who ask, and not a few who get information from what I wrote in .)

After entering the world of work and is no longer active in the world campus. I began to get difficulties to get information about ipb that I can convey to prospective students. due to time and space constraints. finally vacuum and is currently changed to "" and has not continued yet. last updated on 2017.

(Below Screencapture of Website Warta IPB.)

#3. Music and Multimedia : YayuxProductions

Yayux productions was part of my dream back then, started from jokes with a rented child, the name came spontaneously that we finally proceeded to a band name and a little music hobby place. from that name we started to follow the band performance, art performance and the last achievement of that time was the 3rd winner of the IPB Diesnatalies and gig along with Bondan fade to Black. Some friends who participated in building YayuxProductions are: myself (M. Nahrowi, Bayu Bima, Gefri Zulfikar)

After knowing the world of Technology, me and team rarely fill band event. we finally did not gig long. however, when our team is break (vacum), I and one of my colleagues named "bima" still take time to continue our hobby, at least we try to cover the song every week for just nostalgia or train creativity. some videos or music record can access : (See the rock here) Like a Library Music Collections, may be Vlog. Time will tell whether they are doing the right thing.

In addition to music, we used to do multimedia course work, we also like to make movies. for that yayuxproductions we represent as a container to accommodate the idea and also our hobby, at that time.

Keyword : Music, Alt.Rock, Multimedia, Adobe Premier, Virtual DJ, Perform, Home Productions, Creativity.

#4. Tech Company : Mediasoft Indonesia

Founded, 2014-2016. Mediasoft Indonesia, is a "Team" that is interested & focuses on Technology and Information consultation. Established since 2014 in Bogor. in addition to the ICT field we also have some brands in the field of media portals, in addition we are active as a volunteer that gives awareness of SMEs around, interested in the Organization, not infrequently as well as activist open source community and other IT community. some co-founder colleagues who participated in building Mediasoft Indonesia are: myself (M. Nahrowi, M.Gefri Zulfikar, Agung Dwi Sandi, Fauzi Ghozali)

In Journey, 2018 We Re-Concept. Focus on provide consulting about business improvement with informations technology similar ecommerce, business strategy with internet, media, in Short term project. We Focus balancing, about implementations business strategy, organization and informations technology in new company. we use some methodology similar, EA3 Cube Framework, Strategic Triangle, S.W.O.T Analyst, Also how to building Informations System Architecture from zero foundations (new company) for suistainable process. Also provide knowledge management, business strategy, research & consulting. Our some client, from ecommerce, media, goverment also non-profit organization.

Keyword : Knowledge Management, Web Development, Startup, Open Source, Cyber Security, IT Valuation, Informations System Architecture, Google Partner, 3D Animations, Ecommerce Development, Internet Strategy, Analyst etc.

(Here is an result about more informations of Mediasoft Indonesia. In Bahasa Indonesia)

(Here is Founded Story about Mediasoft Indonesia. In Bahasa Indonesia)

#5. Socialpreneur, Research & Startup :

The number of college graduates who have not yet gotten a job makes us think. what causes them to indirectly get a job according to the department they study campus? is it because there are too many job applicants and few job vacancies? or, the ability of a new graduate resource that has not met the needs of the company's industry? That's why we try to do this research to find some references.

Alumnihubs start from a social problem around us, which we try to find some alternative solutions. some co-founder colleagues who participated in building are: myself (M. Nahrowi, Dewa Qusuqiharta, Akbar Tryhartomo, Rio Surbakti) and do not forget to be assisted by some other colleagues that I did not mention one by one, among them, the Bascamp32 family, Ruko Mall 18 Taman Palem, Management Informatic IPB, Binus Information System Class, Sir. Heru Pracoyo, Mrs. Medhanita Dwi Renanti, Emang Elham, Sandi and so many other.

Alumnihubs has finishing research and workshop at Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB) as the main technology university. workshop has done in Informatic Management. For Research, Paper and Validations, has submit and accreditations in Departement of Informations System - Binus University 2017.

(Here is an result about more informations of Alumnihubs. In Bahasa Indonesia)

#6. Independent Division R&D of Company : Spacedev+

Spacedev+ A Part Of Division Research & Development PT. Anak Indomedia Group. the Team Responsibility to Evaluations, Audit, Development of Informations System Web base for suport company.

Spacedev+ are new small team in division R & D of Spacetoon Indonesia (Under IT Division PT. Anak Indomedia Group). Spacedev+ are Shadow Organization which is formed as a container to accommodate technology and corporate knowledge. We love think thank, research, knowledge and build something new or innovations, we was born in oct 2017 to support about division Informations system, development & strategic. our culture, we try to use scrum methodology. because it is easier to do development, evaluation and also documentation in Short term project.

Spacedev+ vision & mision is, reegineering, rebuild informations system of company group with Quality. base on theory, knowledge & experience for making best strategy.

Recently, Spacedev+ Handle some Project similar : PT. Mitra Belanja Perkasa (Supershopping Indonesia). PT. Anak Indomedia ( Spacetoon Indonesia). PT. Eka Tunas Anugrah ( Turtlebeach Hotel Lombok). PT. Sentral Pitulempa ( Sentral Pitulempa).

Concluding Remarks

In short, Indonesia is a huge market for internet and technology-related applications. There will be new developments in this area. This report will be updated regularly.


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About the author

M. Nahrowi is an Dreamer Enthusiasm, Technopreneur & Innovations Enthusiast. He was in the right place and the right time for certain technologies. Love about knowledge, Website, and coffe. He holds Bachelor degree in Informations System Architecture from Binus University, Jakarta, specifically in IT/IS Business Strategist, Fussion about Implementations Informations System into Company and, Validations to Business. He also love writing some article in Blogs every single day. making a song cover in every week, and make a some project base on website. He is current, Founder & Co-founder also initiative of Alumnihubs, Situs yang menghubungkan Informasi Lowongan Pekerjaan dari Alumni ke alumni sesuai almamater (Research & Development).